Introducing Revolear AI Co-Pilot

Generative AI has made it easier than ever to generate text, so maybe now is the time to get your sales teams writing those great proposals you’ve always imagined.

But is that text on brand and on message, such that you want it shared with prospective customers?  Are your sales teams sufficiently skilled at writing prompts to get the right results?  No, and probably not.

Revolear’s AI Co-Pilot can help.  We’ve built a prompt-engineering system right into our platform, and it’s so easy that your teams don’t even need to know about ‘prompt engineering’.  Here’s how it works:

  • Product marketers organize their features, capabilities, customer pain points and other talking points into short 1-3 sentence prompts, give each a name, categorize them and upload to Revolear.
  • When building a proposal or other text block, sales teams simply select any combination of topics by clicking tags from a palette.
  • Revolear then orchestrates the on-brand, on-message messages into a comprehensive prompt, including customer information and even deal points.
  • Revolear connects to OpenAI to generate the text, and populates the output to the editor.
  • The sales team can then refine, edit, format and resubmit the text, ensuring it’s optimized for the use case.

With Revolear AI Co-Pilot, salespeople can easily craft tailored value propositions using pre-built blocks.  They’ll write more, write better, and stay on message, without having to do the writing themselves.  The result is more effective selling, with higher win rates and better terms.

Revolear AI Co-Pilot is now generally available, and included with the Revolear Digital Deal Platform. The Revolear AI Co-Pilot is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT-4.

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