Revolear Introduces Multi-Period Quoting

Sales teams love the predictability of  long term contracts, but the reality is that the customer might not be ready, or their needs in year one might be a lot different than their needs in year three.  Negotiation strategies like free periods, ramps and multiple activations are often used to bridge the gap.

Unfortunately, corporate quoting systems have long struggled with deals that change over time.  Sales teams are left to price everything out in Excel, contract it with Word, and hack the quote to get the order processed.

Revolear is now providing new levels of power and flexibility to configure, price and quote deals across multiple time periods.  Even the most complex quotes flow directly into the Revolear digital deal room, and then into DocuSign for signature.  There’s no need to transcribe from a spreadsheet, or create a document, to get the deal done.

Specific capabilities include:

  • Create sub-periods of any duration within a deal, with automatic pro-ration.
  • Set unit prices, discounts and/or totals by line item and period.
  • Select and de-select product options by period.
  • Combine multi-period quotes with single period quotes in the same deal.
  • Present to customers in a digital deal room, with period specific feedback.
  • Automatic formatting for order forms in Word and DocuSign.

Multi-period quoting is now generally available as a feature in the Revolear Digital Deal Platform, and is supported on desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

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