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Dealmaking, reimagined

As digital transformation continues to spread across every industry and function, the process of finalizing a deal has become increasingly complex. More intricate solutions now require evaluation, negotiation, and approval from a greater number of stakeholders—who are now working from anywhere.

Revolear ensures your selling motion is up to the challenge. Combining its innovative solution modeling technology called DealCraft and the latest in artificial intelligence, Revolear optimizes commercial terms, expedites approvals, and digitally delivers your most compelling value proposition.

UNLOCK the next level of dealmaking

Flexibility to negotiate, speed to close

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Sales enablement

Craft the optimal solution

Execute the solution selling strategies you need to differentiate your offerings, and maximize your value. Revolear prompts discovery questions, dynamically assembles products and terms, tailors your sales content, and benchmarks pricing—all based on your rules, and the latest AI.

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Digital engagement

Collaborate with the customer

Seamlessly transition from internal analysis to customer-facing proposals, effortlessly progressing from the initial terms to subsequent versions. Easily incorporate your best media and content, and leverage the power of generative AI to synthesize custom selling materials. Deliver it instantly, digitally, anywhere.

stakeholders at a table
Approval automation

Align the stakeholders

Focus on negotiations with the customer, rather than internal processes. With every adjustment made to a term, Revolear identifies the relevant approvers, and their specific requirements, and even predicts the probability of successful completion. Integrated seamlessly, deal desk, legal, and sales ops functions collaborate in real-time, facilitating instant decision-making.


Feel the pulse of
customer engagement

With Revolear, you’ll know every open, share, like, comment and counterproposal on that proposal your team just sent - all in real time.  You’ll understand the momentum of a deal, and how it compares with similar transactions, before you even click approve.

It’s not just reporting.  It’s AI-driven focus.

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