New & Improved: Building Deal Room Pages

According to Gartner, vendors are left out of 83% of the B2B buying cycle, and each individual vendor might only get 5% of the buyer’s time.  Even worse, 75% of buyers said they’d prefer a ‘rep-free experience’.

Sales teams still need to meet their numbers, and they can still add value.  But it’s clear that they need to do more of their selling when they’re not even in the room.

Revolear’s expanded Digital Deal Rooms were designed for this modern sales challenge.  Sales teams can now build custom microsites for their deals, easily combining marketing content, deal terms, interactive media and executable agreements in a single branded portal.  Specific capabilities include:

  • Add a page to Deal Rooms based on templates, start from scratch.
  • Draft tailored content with the assistance of Revolear’s AI Co-Pilot.
  • Embed videos, interactive demos or other interactive components.
  • Drag-n-drop any deal elements, including quotes and clauses.
  • Add marketing content from the library, or from the user’s computer.
  • Embed agreements for DocuSign eSignature, or Word download.

Pages can be added and removed over time.  Deal terms are versioned with each publication of the site.  Sales teams can control which prior versions are available for redlining.

Multi-page Deal Rooms are now generally available as a feature in the Revolear Digital Deal Platform.  Sales and customer experiences are supported on desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.


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