Revolear Secures SOC2 Type II Certification

We’re pleased to announce that Revolear received its SOC-2 Type II certification following the completion of a three month audit by Advantage Partners, and monitoring via Vanta.  Revolear has also made a web page available,, to allow customers to monitor its on-going compliance.

Acknowledging the increasing emphasis on data security and privacy, we saw SOC 2 compliance not merely as a checkbox exercise, but as a strategic imperative. It was about assuring our clients that their sensitive data would be handled with the utmost care and integrity.

“As an organization focused on the trust of enterprise customers, it was important for Revolear to secure its SOC2 Type II Certification, " said Raja Singh, Founder & CEO of Revolear.  “The audit process, and the transparency that our new compliance page provides, provides assurances to our customers that we’re keeping their data secure and our processes sound.”

“Preparing for the SOC2 audit provided a framework for us to strengthen our internal processes, bolster data security measures, and enhance operational efficiency,” added Adam Rutland, Co-Founder of Revolear.  “We improved our logging and monitoring processes on AWS, drilled our team on disaster recovery, and codified all our procedures for the benefit of future hires.”

For us at Revolear, obtaining SOC 2 compliance wasn't merely a milestone; it was a reflection of our unwavering commitment to our clients, our readiness to meet industry standards, and our dedication to cultivating lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.  

But it’s also a nice milestone.

Author Raja Singh

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