Introducing Revolear

On behalf of my co-founder, Adam Rutland, our investor group, and our initial team of builders, it’s my pleasure to introduce our new venture, Revolear. Revolear combines my experiences, observations, and frustrations from over 30 years of doing business deals, with Adam and I’s shared passion for building highly configurable, enterprise-grade software. And now, we have the benefit of building on the latest database technologies, digital frameworks, and AI models.

So What Is It?

Revolear is a digital deal platform - a cloud-based application that assists in all aspects of conceiving, structuring, presenting, negotiating, and approving a business-to-business transaction.  While there have been decades of investment in sales technology, most are designed as a management reporting conduit or to mechanize very basic sales.  We’re focused on larger deals, those still sold, negotiated, and bought by humans, which remain the domain of spreadsheets, presentations, and red-lined documents.  We see opportunities for improvement at every step of the process - without stifling the creativity that’s the pride of both sales and procurement professionals.

Revolear isn’t squarely SFA, CPQ, CLM, or a Digital Sales Room, but it does combine many of those functions in a unique and more usable way.  If you’ve invested heavily in one of those tools, we’ll integrate with it.  If you’d like to clear the decks, we can help you consolidate.

Why Do You Need It Now?

As industries and companies transform, it’s getting harder and harder to get a deal done.  Solutions are more complex and multi-faceted.  More stakeholders are involved in every buying decision, and even internal approvals are more challenging.  Buyers are running more of their process via digital channels, opting to minimize engagement with the salesperson.  And even if the sales team is able to walk the halls, ‘Work from Anywhere’ complicates finding the decision makers and building relationships.

Revolear is conceived and built with these challenges in mind.  It’s a two-sided platform that makes it easier to present your terms and capabilities digitally, and then collaborate with a broader decision-making unit via comments and sharing.  It’s built to handle the intricacies of designing, pricing, and communicating modern multi-functional business solutions.  It combines your business terms with discovery tools, product pricing, marketing materials, and agreement clauses and allows every aspect to be automated, analyzed, predicted, and approved.  

Who’s on the Team?

We start Revolear with a shared culture from our years of innovation at Vlocity, going back to 2014.  Our team includes engineers that developed Vlocity’s OmniStudio, the Vlocity Digital Insurance Platform, and our leading CPQ platform, all now rebranded and part of Salesforce Industries.  Together, we’ve learned through massive transformation programs of our customers in Communications, Insurance, and Healthcare, all with rigorous, rules-laden commercial processes.  We’re excited to leverage all that experience in Revolar’s product design, implementation processes, and customer support systems

I’m delighted to have the backing of the same investor group that founded Veeva and Vlocity, most of whom I’ve known since I started in the CRM business at Siebel in the 90s.  They bring a stunning track record of success, and specific domain expertise in enterprise selling.  We share the drive to start yet another consequential, transformative Cloud company.

What's Next?

I couldn’t be more excited about what we’re building, and it’s almost ready.  We’re currently seeking pilot customers who want to get a head start on digitally transforming their sales motion, and take advantage of the latest AI innovations.  Stay tuned for more information as we move toward the General Availability of Revolear in Fall ‘23.

Author Raja Singh

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